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BEE ASSURED (Pty) Ltd is an IRBA B-BBEE Approved Registered Auditor and accredited to conduct assurance engagements on B-BBEE verification certificates. BEE ASSURED is a network firm of Johan Zwarts & Associates.

Johan Zwarts & Associates started operating in March 1992 and provides accounting, audit, advisory and tax services. BEE ASSURED was formed in 2014 after the need for a specialist
B-BBEE division became apparent with government’s drive to widen the application of B-BBEE.

We believe that a valid BEE certificate is an integral part of a well planned marketing and sales strategy. Having a good scorecard should be a business decision and could help generate new opportunities and help improve your existing business.

The lack of a valid certificate may hinder company growth and could risk the loss of business and government contracts.

A verification is an independent and impartial assessment of the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) status of a business, based on the BEE Codes or Sector Codes. Big business, government departments and parastatals are under pressure to improve their BEE ratings. If these entities are your clients, or if your clients serve those industries, your BEE scorecard can help them improve their scorecard. So being able to provide your customers with a certificate showing your company’s BEE rating will give you a competitive edge.

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Well planned marketing and sales strategyHaving a good scorecard should be a business decision

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